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May 23, 2011

InstaPage® Standard Integration With Facebook/Twitter Now Live

The Lazarus Group today announced the launching of integration of its InstaPage® Standard homeowners associations websites product line with popular social networking tools, Facebook and Twitter.

According to CEO Michael W. Vandor, "Social networking integration is the second step in our 'New Technologies Initiative'. Through integration, InstaPage® users will be able to easily share community news articles with others by adding them to their Facebook walls, or tweeting them to their Twitter subscribers. We anticipate this will enhance the value of client news articles by helping expand dissemination of their content."

Director of Customer Service Tim Daly, added "This feature is now live. The necessary 'SHARE' and 'TWEET' buttons can now be added on an article by article basis to appear beneath the news articles on all InstaPage® Standard websites. This feature is a free upgrade to all users as was the addition of InstaPage® Mobile last month."

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