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April 28, 2011

Launch of InstaPage® Mobile Announced

The Lazarus Group today issued a surprise announcement on the immediate launch of InstaPage® Mobile - the first version of the product for the growing SmartPhone market. The initial version includes SmartPhone friendly screen displays of InstaPage® Standard homeowners associations websites that include the site's:

  • Home page news articles;
  • Archived news articles;
  • Customer service form.

The Lazarus Group's CEO, Michael W. Vandor, stated, "We're very proud to announce the first step in our 'New Technologies Initiative', the release of the InstaPage® Mobile product. Now the growing market of SmartPhone users will be able to easily read and use the most important sections of our clients' community websites - the news sections and the customer service form - in a phone friendly format".

Vandor continued, "We plan to add other features in future versions to expand the offering, as well."

The company also announced plans for the addition of InstaPage® Mobile to the current 5.0 versions of InstaPage® Gold, including the surprise addition of the feature as a free upgrade to existing InstaPage® Gold 5.0 users.

Vandor added, "We appreciate the loyalty of our Gold clients in this challenging market, and are extending the free upgrade as a small show of our appreciation."

InstaPage® is a product and registered service mark of The Lazarus Group. Questions regarding this press release may be addressed to info@instapage.net or 1-800-324-0572.

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